Find the right steel braided brake lines simply by model selection:

  • Melvin Bremsleitungen
  • Melvin Bremsleitungen
  • Melvin Bremsleitungen

Summary oft he advantages of steel braided brake hoses

  • Steel braided brake hoses with ABE (General Operating Permit)/ Spare parts certificate
  • Constant pressure point of the brakes
  • Constant braking performance over years
  • 900 types of brake hoses in standard program
  • Custom-made brake hoses are possible
  • Complete kits with distribution boxes, also for quads
  • Versatile looks instead of only black
  • Has proved itself under the thoughest conditions
  • Prompt delivery for all products

Excellent and certified
Quality of Melvin

We are one of the few companies in this branch whose products are EMAS-certified (European Environment Standard). As such, we contribute to a healthy, clean and liveable environment.